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Flight School at NBO Enterprises
How Do I Get Started?


The steps to take for private pilot certificate with us.


1.  Call us at 419.733.7843 to schedule a Discovery Flight with our certified flight instructor.  After a short introduction, you’ll complete a preflight inspection with your instructor.  Now it’s time to take to the sky – with you at the controls and an instructor at your side!


2.  Meet with our certified flight instructor to discuss all of your options and requirements, including passing a medical exam.  Make a plan – create a path with attainable goals to help guide and measure your progress.


Skills & Knowledge


3. For Skills you will need to complete 40 hours of Flight Instruction with the guidance

of a flight instructor.  Perform a checkride with an FAA pilot examiner.  For Knowledge you need to hit the books! Prepare for the written test with our 12-week Ground School and pass the FAA written test.


You’re Certified! So What Next?

Time to feel the freedom of the skies! You can join a Flight Group or see us on a Pre-purchase Inspection on your first pair of wings. Continue your skills with earning your Commercial Pilot certificate.


Discovery Flight

only $95!

Experience True Freedom


An NBO Discovery Flight is an interactive but low-pressure first flight lesson that lasts one hour. It includes approximately 30 minutes of ground instruction and 30 minutes of flight time. You will first meet with the flight instructor and cover the basic concepts of flight. After performing a preflight inspection of the aircraft prior to taking flight with your instructor,  you will grab the controls and prepare for take off! Next you will fly the aircraft by performing basic flight maneuvers while enjoying the great view from above.


So are you ready to take control and feel the wind under your wings? Then a Discovery Flight is for you! Are you interested in giving a gift of flight to a special someone?  Gift Certificates are available click here.

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